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About Random UChile

Random UChile is a project of the Laboratorio de Seguridad Computacional y Criptografía Aplicada (CLCERT) of the Universidad de Chile. Their main objective is to generate and provide services with unpredictable, public and verifiable randomness. How does it work?

Public Transparency

Random UChile seeks to provide technological tools to improve the transparency of public institutions in Chile.

Verifiable Randomness

Random UChile provides a service of randomness generation for multiple scenarios: from a simple lottery to selection by auditors in governmental institutions.

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How it works


Random UChile's objective is to provide unpredictable, consistent and verifiable randomness, which allows to discard any bias in a random selection process.


It's a mathematical tool that seeks to improve democracy by increasing the transparency of public organizations that must perform random processes.


Random UChile emits random values in a secure and periodic way. The values are unpredictable, unbiased and permanent in time, properties which are verifiable by any external observer.


Any organization can use Random UChile to define a random process, and prove, to any present or future external observer, that it didn't have any improper interference in the final outcome.